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Dr. D. Gregg Baker, D.D.S., M.S.
Dr. Thomas C. Baker, D.M.D.

Tooth eruption

Most newborns are not born with any teeth. The four front teeth (two upper and tow lower) usually begin erupting about 6 months after birth. The following chart and photograph illustrate an eruption sequence and timeline in a typical developing child. Not all children follow this chart exactly and there can be a wide variation in ages at which teeth erupt.

Tooth eruption. The primary teeth.
Source: Tooth eruption. The primary teeth., JADA, 136. Nov 2015, 1619.

Tooth eruption. The permanent teeth.
Source Tooth eruption. The permanent teeth. JADA, 137. Jan 2016. 127

Some children are born with teeth, called natal teeth while others have teeth erupt a few days or weeks after birth. These are neonatal teeth. If this is the case with your child please call your pediatric dentist to schedule a consultation.