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Dr. D. Gregg Baker, D.D.S., M.S.
Dr. Thomas C. Baker, D.M.D.

Sedation dentistry

Many children have great fear of the dentist and as a result parents are afraid to take their child to the dentist. Much needed dental work often gets postponed for years because the parent knows the child will not cooperate. Our team is sensitive to the fears of parents and children alike and wants you to have a positive dental experience. Our pediatric dentists have lots of sedation experience and are licensed to perform sedation dentistry.

Types of Sedation Dentistry

  • Oral Conscious Sedation. Typically your child will drink a liquid medication. Once the medication takes effect your child will feel relaxed and patients will be able to respond to verbal commands. Midazolam and hydroxyzine are the most common oral sedatives used in our offices.
  • Inhalation Sedation. Nitrous oxide and oxygen (also known as laughing gas) is a very common and safe type of sedation used with pediatric patients. This method has been used for many years and has little to no side effects. Nitrous oxide is an anxiolytic that is used to help patients relax and is often used in conjunction with oral conscious sedation.
  • General Anesthesia. This form of sedation is managed by a licensed anesthiologist. The patient is given an IV and is completely sedated. Your child will have no recollection of the procedure.